We advise our clients on just about every legal aspect of running a business.

from simple sales queries, to complex corporate transactions

Some of our most popular services are: 

  • Contract drafting; 
  • Contract review;
  • Standard terms and conditions;
  • Data protection and GDPR;
  • Fund raising and funding rounds;
  • Business acquisitions; and
  • Business sales and business exits. 

Most of our clients see us as an integral part of their team, and we’re confident you’ll do the same.


Commercial Law

Commercial law governs the way in which you sell (and buy) products and services. It sits at the heart of most businesses.

Corporate Law

Corporate law governs the way in which an organisation is controlled, and its internal business affairs conducted.

Employment Law

Failing to comply with employment law can open businesses up to employment-related claims, and lead to reputational damage.

Intellectual Property

Whether you run a tech company or a fashion brand, you should be thinking about how to protect and monetise your intellectual property from day one.


Failing to comply with GDPR can be costly mistake. We provide a range of GDPR compliance packages.

Commercial Disputes

Disputes are sometimes unavoidable, but they’re often complicated and require a good understanding of the law. We handle all types of commercial disputes.

We have a habit of delivering exceptional results...