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About Us

A fully remote boutique law firm. Specialising in advising businesses.

A bit about us...

We’re a small but diverse team of specialist solicitors, dedicating our lives to advising businesses. We cover corporate law, commercial law, data protection, employment, commercial property and intellectual property.

Together, we advise on just about every legal aspect of running a business – from incorporation, all the way up to exit.

Our specialist approach ensures our clients receive expert advice, whenever they need it. It saves time, reduces legal fees, and increases the value we bring to the table. 

We love working with likeminded, ambitious businesses. We generally partner with them to provide that varied and ongoing support they need as they growth.

We’d like to do the same with you!

Our mission

In 2017, our founder (Matt Turner) recognised the following issues within the legal industry:
  • most law firms were intimidating, outdated, and provided advice that clients often didn’t understand; and
  • many solicitors (particularly in London) were heading towards burnout.
Welcome to Shoredons & Co Legal – a modern, innovative and ambitious law firm, putting its clients and staff first.

We’re not like most law firms. We’re on a mission to build a friendly firm that fights for its clients, and provides an enjoyable environment for its solicitors to flourish.

We’re fully remote, and we hold ourselves to high standards.

If we sound like a good fit for your business, call us now on 0203 7292 388 to see how we can help.

Our approach

Growing a business is difficult. You need to control risk to enable growth safely. You also need to ensure your business complies with any necessary laws. That’s not to mention recruitment, payroll, marketing, budgeting, and everything else.  

That’s where we come in. 

We provide our clients with the information, advice, documentation, and guidance they need, to make those complicated decisions properly. We resolve with legal problems to enable business to generate that growth they’re looking for.  

We understand the following factors are important to our clients: 

  • turnaround times – we provide timeframes for delivering work upon request. If for whatever reason we expect delays, we’ll let you know.

  • reasonable fees – we never issue shock invoices. Before we start work, we’ll provide with a fee estimate (or in some cases, a fixed fee). We’ll never start work unless our fee estimate (or fixed fee) has been approved by you. We’ll also use technology to save time and reduce costs.

  • a good understanding of your business – we spend time with our clients to understand their business, and the issues they face. That initial investment of time allows us to deliver quick advice when needed.

  • understandable advice – we hear horror stories of solicitors issuing complicated advice that clients just don’t understand. We keep our advice short and to-the-point, using terminology our clients understand.

  • approachability – our solicitors like to help, so we encourage our clients to contact us when they have an issue. We’ll discuss the issue at hand, and we’ll suggest solutions to move forward. All clients have direct access to a solicitor.  

  • quality – too often we hear of solicitors advising on areas they’re unfamiliar with. This approach generally increases fees and creates risk. At Shoredons & Co Legal, you’ll have a specialist solicitor advising you each and every time – ensuring costs are controlled, risk is reduced, and standards are high. When you come to us with a problem, we’ll deliver clear, reliable advice, along with effective solutions to help you move your business forward.

  • flexibility – some clients like dedicated support. Others like quick advice. That decision is usually driven by budget. We provide flexible ways of working. If you’d like to run a quick question by us, great. If you’d like to us to get more involved, even better. We’ll work with your preferred approach.

Our clients

We advise clients of all shapes and sizes – from startups to international organisations. We love working with exciting and ambitious businesses.  

Regardless of the stage of your journey, we want to speak with you!

Our Fees

We generally charge on a time-spent basis, but we can offer fixed fees in certain circumstances. 

No two legal issues are the same, so our fees generally vary depending on the complexity (or simplicity) of the work.  

If you’d like a cost for any of our services, book in a free consultation now!