Commercial Law

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Our commercial law solicitors have extensive experience helping commercial clients like you make informed business decisions, and enter into commercial arrangements safely. We’ve helped small start-ups and large businesses alike, to reduce legal risk, prioritise compliance, and gain peace of mind while running their organisations.

What Is Commercial Law?

Commercial law governs the way in which you supply and procure products and services. It’s usually managed by entering into contracts and documentation, to allocate risk between the customer and the supplier. However, it also requires a good understanding of the law, as most businesses will have separate laws they need to comply with (for example, when selling to consumers).

Complying with every relevant law is one of the many difficulties with running an effective and ethical company. If like many business owners, you feel overwhelmed, we can help.

Many companies instruct a commercial lawyer to help them navigate one-off, bespoke legal matters professionally. Others, require ongoing assistance. We cater for both.

We provide legal advice and guidance for a whole range of commercial queries that our clients face each day – from basic sales queries to more complicated collaboration arrangements.

We always spend time understanding the complexities of our client’s businesses, allowing us to provide tailored, strategic advice to help each client achieve their goals.

We make a big difference to our clients' businesses. Don't take our word for it.

Our Commercial
Law Services

Our experienced, professional commercial solicitors can advise you on almost every legal aspect of running your business. We regularly help our commercial clients with the following issues:

Terms and Conditions

All businesses should have a well-drafted set of Terms and Conditions, that they incorporate into their sales. These Terms and Conditions will set out the terms upon which business is conducted, and will protect the business when things start to go wrong.

We’ve seen many businesses download templates online, but those templates can cause problems – as most businesses have a unique set of risks.

Our lawyers can provide you with a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions, specifically drafted to protect your business.

Commercial Contracts

Like a set of Terms and Conditions, commercial contracts are there to protect your business when things start to go wrong.

We’re experts in advising on commercial arrangements, and providing the contracts you’ll need to protect your business.

Joint Ventures and Commercial Collaborations

Collaborating with third parties (whether by the joint venture, or some other way) can be extremely valuable. However, it does come with risk – particularly if you’re investing time, money and/or intellectual property into the arrangement.

Before collaborating with any third party, speak with one of our commercial lawyers, to understand the business risks you’ll face. We can then provide you with contracts and documentation to help reduce those risks, or pass allocate those risks onto the other side.

Agency and Distribution

Working with agents or distributors can be a quick and effective way of seeing growth. However, it comes with risk.

Agents can have a right to compensation if you ever decide to terminate your agency arrangement, so some initial advice on those risks is usually beneficial.

Once you’ve decided which route to take, we can provide you with the contracts you need to help ensure your brand is promoted properly, your products are being sold correctly, and your business is protected, should things start to go wrong.

Structuring Commercial Arrangements

A large part of managing risk is being able to structure commercial arrangements, to put your best foot forward. However, this requires a detailed understanding of the law.

Our solicitors are experts in analysing the risk of a particular commercial transaction and advising you on any alternative structures that will help reduce or remove those risks.