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What Is Commercial Law?

Commercial law governs the way in which you buy and sell products and services. In particular, it deals with risk and responsibility. 

If you supply a faulty product or deliver your services late, your customer will have a right to take legal action against you to recover certain losses. Under English law, suppliers generally have unlimited liability (unless there’s a contract in place stating otherwise). So, a £200 sale could trigger a £1m claim. 

Properly drafted contracts reallocate this risk between the supplier and the purchaser to provide a more reasonable (or in some cases, more favourable) position. They set out, among other things (i) how and when payment will be made, (ii) what will happen if payment is not made, (iii) how much can be recovered by the customer if there is an issue with the products or services delivered, (iv) when and how legal action can be taken, and (v) any mandatory provisions that are required by law (such as data protection laws).  

Entering into contracts like this will significantly reduce risk across your business. 

All commercial contracts should be prepared by a specialist solicitor who understands (i) the commercial risks that apply to your business, and (ii) the intricacies of any laws that apply.

If not, your contract probably won’t provide the protection you need.  

Our specialist commercial solicitors have decades of experience in advising clients like you. They prepare a range of commercial  contracts, tailored for our clients to address unique risks they face. 

If you need (or think you might need) a commercial contract for your business, get in touch to see how we can help. 

Our Commercial Law Services

Our commercial solicitors prepare, review and advise on every commercial contract you’ll need. Whether you’re looking to address a one-off commercial transaction, or looking for regular contract reviews, we’re here to assist you. Here’s a list of just some of the ways in which we can help:

Terms & Conditions

All businesses should have a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions in place, to address the unique risks within that business. Those terms should set out how business will be conducted, and how risk will be allocated. Most importantly, they should prevent customers from bringing unreasonable claims.

We see many businesses download Terms and Conditions from online. However, that approach has its own risks and issues. You might find that approach breaches copyright laws (creating a criminal offence). You might also find that approach doesn’t address key risks within your business. A major risk for you, might not be a major risk for your competitor.

If you’re looking to have a set of Terms and Conditions prepared for your business, speak to our experts. We’ll prepare a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions, drafted specifically to protect your business.

Commercial Contracts

We prepare, review, and advise on all commercial contracts – including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), supply contracts, procurement contracts, research and development contracts, collaboration agreements, loan agreements, advertising agreements, agency and distribution agreements, franchise agreements, outsourcing agreements, IT agreements, software development agreements, and many many more. 

If you’re looking for a commercial contract for your business, speak with one of our commercial solicitors today. 

Joint Ventures and Commercial Collaborations

Collaborating with third parties (whether by joint venture or any other way) can be extremely valuable. However, it does come with risk. You’ll need to think about responsibilities and obligations throughout the collaboration. You’ll also need to agree on who will own any deliverables created throughout the project (such as intellectual property rights).

Failing to agree on (and document) the details of a collaboration before the start date, can lead to disputes and problems. In particular, around ownership of intellectual property rights. 

Before collaborating with any third party, speak to one of our commercial lawyers. We’ll explain the risks associated with that arrangement, and we’ll provide you with the contracts and documentation you need to ensure you’re entering into that arrangement safely. 

Agency & Distribution

Working with agents and distributors can be a quick and effective way of expanding your business. However, each of those arrangements comes with its own risks. 

Agents will often can have a right to claim compensation from you if you decide to terminate your agency arrangement. Distributors will generally have a right to use your branding.

If you’re considering appointing an agent or a distributor, speak with us for some initial strategic advice. We’ll make sure you understand the risks and benefits of each arrangement. We’ll then provide you with the contracts and documentation you need to appoint your agents and distributors safely, while protecting your business.  

Structuring Commercial Transactions

We don’t just prepare contracts, we structure deals. 

For more complicated or high-risk transactions or arrangements, we often look at the best way of structuring the deal to protect your business. For example, we may suggest ring-fencing certain liability under a newly formed company. Or we might suggest outsourcing some (or all) of your obligations to a third party to reduce your risk. 

This advice clearly won’t be suitable for all transactions, but our solicitors are trained to advise you when it is.