Corporate Law

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Corporate law governs the way in which an organisation is controlled, and its internal business affairs conducted. It defines the shares, and regulates the relationship between the shareholders of a company. If you’re looking to bring in a new founder, issue or sell shares in your business, raise funds, or acquire another business, you should be thinking about corporate law.

Strict procedures must be complied with when carrying out corporate transactions. Failing to comply with those procedures can be an offence for company directors. It can also lead to fines and imprisonment. 

Our aim is to understand your business goals, and ensure you reach those goals safely.
We provide a range of corporate law services, and advise our clients on topics such as:

  • Shareholders’ Agreements;
  • Articles of Association;
  • Issuing shares (including to employees);
  • Creating new share classes;
  • Share transfers and buybacks;
  • Good leaver / bad leaver provisions;
  • Funding rounds and investment rounds;
  • Management buyouts;
  • Business sales and acquisitions;
  • Resolving shareholder disputes.

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